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It’s Australian for home entertainment.


CinemaKing has been designing bespoke home cinema systems and expertly integrating them into beautiful residences since 2005.  We handle all the technical complexities so you can enjoy a beautifully simple, immersive and seamless experience. 


 "It's Your Turn to Play"


“When I was first building the house, I thought that the cinema was going to end up not often used and I was thinking that it was going to be a big waste of money, but in the end, it actually has become a very popular room and we use it far too often!”

Alex Moulieris

South Yarra

“The kids love it; we have movie nights on a Friday night. We sit outside in our alfresco area and roll down the screen, it’s just magnificent. I love my music and having the house wired for AV by CinemaKing is just fantastic. I’m looking at buying another house and renovating it, so I’ll be dragging CinemaKing along to that as well."

Rob Phillips


“I love rugby — 4K rugby if it is available, America's Cup sailing and, AFL, The Tigers in 4K on Foxtel's UHD channel." Who would have guessed that the CinemaKing is a Tiger loving Kiwi.

When I have my friends over for a game, I don't want to be huddling around a little TV. I prefer our big screen, we can be sitting and relaxing or standing and screaming. With a floor to ceiling projection screen, it is great being able to see the action up close!” PLUS Dolby Atmos spatial audio speakers powered by Anthem's 225 watt power amps - I'll leave the rest to your imagination, or call me! CK

Cinema King


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