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Brett McGauchie




135" Acoustically Transparent Projection Screen, Full AV Distribution.

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Our first intent is to help make a room that is comfortable and inviting. This dedicated home theater room is a flexible space, capable of multitasking - movies, gaming and during these lock down times an interactive workout space. Pump up the music during your workout or join in on a bike ride. The Tour de France will soon be in full swing. For those who want to cycle a stage themselves, but do not want to travel to France, the Zwift app you can provide the virtual experience. You can also sometimes cycle live with professional cyclists and Zwift organizes cycling races itself. Zwift can be linked to sport apps like Strava to record progress and distance. Another nice thing is that the app continues to encourage training, for example by offering all kinds of rewards, such as various virtual bicycles, clothing and wheels.

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The bespoke technology compliments the elegance and beauty of this home and includes:

  • Cinema, 135” Acoustically Transparent Projection Screen - CinemaKing

  • Multi-room Video Distribution - CinemaKing

  • Sonos Multi-room Audio - CinemaKing


  • NBN Provision - GoFi

  • IT & WiFi Network - GoFi


  • Control4 Automation - Purpose Group

  • CCTV & Security System - Purpose Group

  • 2N Video Intercom - Purpose Group​

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